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The A to Z of Endometriosis

Living with Endo: The A to Z of Endometriosis

Date Released: 6th October, 2020
Hosted by: Ellie Angel-Mobbs
Ellie Angel-Mobbs:

Hi there, thank you so much for tuning in and welcome to Living with Endo: the A to Z of Endometriosis. My name is Ellie Angel-Mobbs and my life changed when I discovered that after so many years of being in pain, constantly being ill and doctors scratching their heads at me going ‘we don’t know what’s wrong with you’ I was finally diagnosed after surgery with Stage 4 Endometriosis and from that moment I was not going to be silent about having this illness and that’s when I joined the amazing team as an ambassador at Endometriosis Australia.

This is a nationally accredited charity who are all about increasing recognition of Endo in our country. It is run by a passionate group of people who help provide education programs and funding for research and the biggest thing is to help create awareness for a disease that so many suffer in silence.

1 in 9 women. That’s how many have Endo at some point in their lives and often the disease starts when we’re just teenagers. Symptoms vary from patient to patient and that may contribute to the 7 to 10 year delay in diagnosis. Imagine being in pain and not knowing what’s going on.

Common symptoms do include pelvic pain that literally puts your life on hold. Not only is the physical pain debilitating, but it could also affect your mental health and it can lead to infertility.

In a recent report, Endo costs the Aussie society $9.7 Billion dollars annually.

Sadly, there is no cure.

This special podcast is all about educating and creating awareness for Endo.

It will feature exclusive interviews with medical professionals providing you with education on Endo plus some really open and honest chats with our Endometriosis Australia ambassadors, champions and others in the community affected by this disease.

You may have Endo, your daughter, your wife, your partner, your best-friend, your sister, your cousin, a workmate, it is bound to affect someone in your life. So, sit back, relax and enjoy listening to this podcast. If you like what you hear make sure you leave us a review and most importantly share it with others around you so they have an understanding about living with Endo.

Don’t forget the number one source for information on this disease is the Endometriosis Australia website. Go and chec this out, endometriosisaustralia.org. Thanks for listening!