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Ways to Get Involved

There are many ways to support Endometriosis Australia.

Help raise vital funds that will go towards research, awareness and ultimately putting an end to endo.

Events and Fundraising

Yoga at home

Create your own fundraiser

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Raise money for your event on Grassrootz

inviting all Endo Super Stars to host their own home high-tea in support of the 1 in 9 women

Host your own High Tea

Mariana von Lucken

Attend our High Tea events

Where Do My Donations Go?

Endometriosis patients wait on average 6.5 years to receive a diagnosis, which is one of the most significant barriers to receiving adequate medical treatment and improving their quality of life.

Australian research has identified that the cost of managing endometriosis is around $30,00 per year per patient.

It is crucial that sufferers can access the medical and fertility care information they need.

Endometriosis Australia has not received any funding from the National Action Plan on Endometriosis (NAPE) that we championed.

All funds raised through community donors and the gift of philanthropy are directed to our research grants, production costs for digital and other resources, information, and education.

Donate Today

By donating you are helping support education programs to increase rates of early diagnosis and research in the field of endometriosis.