Endometriosis Australia Stakeholder Engagement Forums

The Endometriosis Australia Stakeholder Engagement Forums (SEFs) members provide advice on, guide thinking regarding, and develop programs relating to improving the health and wellbeing of the endometriosis community.

The SEFs core groups are:

  • Community Engagement Forum
  • Clinical Engagement Forum
  • Research Engagement Forum
  • Workplace Engagement Forum
  • Support Services Engagement Forum

Endometriosis Australia represents all stakeholders in the sector, and communicates with the Commonwealth, State and Territory governments on the needs of those with the disease, the clinicians, allied and complementary medical practitioners treating them, and the research community identifying best practice to manage symptoms and treat the disease.

The Purpose of Advisory Groups is to enable Endometriosis Australia as Peak Body to consult relevant stakeholder members in discussions to formulate and respond to policy affecting the endometriosis community.

Endo@Work Program

The accredited Endo@Work Workplace Assistance Program enables organisations to sustainably and strategically take meaningful action to support their employees with endometriosis.