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Kayla Itsines Joins Forces With Endometriosis Australia as New Ambassador
9 Oct, 2023 | 2 mins read |
Kayla Itsines Joins Forces With Endometriosis Australia as New Ambassador

Kayla Itsines was announced as Endometriosis Australia’s newest ambassador, at the FITHER Expo, Australia’s largest women’s health and fitness event, last 7 – 8 October at the ICC in Sydney.

Kayla will be raising her voice for the 830,000 other Australian girls, women and gender-diverse individuals living with the debilitating medical condition of endometriosis.

Kayla joins 26 other Endometriosis Australia ambassadors, who are committed to advocating for other Australians who suffer from this disease currently without a cure.

Kayla said she is excited to use her voice to support Endometriosis Australia.

“I feel incredibly honoured to be the newest Endometriosis Australia Ambassador and to help raise awareness about this disease.”

“There is currently no cure for endo, but I hope that by sharing my own story and partnering with this amazing organisation, we can encourage and empower women to learn about the signs and symptoms of this disease while improving outcomes for endo sufferers across the country.”

Endometriosis Australia CEO Maree Davenport said, “We are thrilled to announce Kayla as our newest ambassador for Endometriosis Australia. It’s fitting that we’re partnering with one of Australia’s leading influencers to help spread our message as the peak body championing awareness, education and management of endometriosis. The more voices we have to share stories of their experience, the better to raise awareness and advocate for better outcomes for all Australians living with endometriosis.”

Research released by AIHW in September 2023 revealed that 1 in 7 Australian females and those assigned female at birth are diagnosed with endometriosis by age 44 to 49. Endometriosis is a chronic, painful condition with varying symptoms such as pelvic pain that puts life on hold around or during a person’s period. Around half of those with endometriosis are challenged by fertility and 30% of IVF patients have endometriosis. Unfortunately, endometriosis has an average diagnosis period of over six and a half years, leaving many to suffer in silence.


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