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From leaps to bounds: Workplace Accreditation Program, Research updates, and more!
31 Jul, 2023 | 3 mins read |
From leaps to bounds: Workplace Accreditation Program, Research updates, and more!

I am pleased to bring you some exciting updates.

Straight off the bat, I congratulate the Australian Women’s Cricket team on its historic Test win, and hope our mighty Matildas continue to kick goals ‘‘til it’s done’. Women in sport overcome many challenges, and the 1 in 9 sportswomen with endometriosis are true ‘warriors’ navigating the challenges of professional sport and living with endo. In particular, I am thankful for the advocacy of Ambassadors Emily Seebohm OAM, Holly Crawford, and new Ambassador ‘Endo Runner’ Kylie Brown, and for the work they do in raising the profile of the condition in the sporting world. I look forward to sharing more about the Endometriosis Australia Health and Fitness campaign later in the year.

Last week, we announced our groundbreaking workplace assistance program, Endo@Work, and we are grateful to our partners at Western Sydney University. Speaking at the Public Sector Women in Leadership Summit in Canberra, I discussed the positive impact of workplace flexibility and empowering those with endometriosis to discuss their needs with workmates. In turn, employers are empowered with knowledge of the disease through Endo@Work accreditation in their workplace, and this has a positive impact on productivity. Endometriosis Australia Chair Monica Forlano also formally announced Endo@Work while speaking at the Dropbox Live 2023 Inaugural Thought-leadership event in Sydney.

Endo@Work aims to enable those living with endometriosis to engage more fully in work while still supporting their own wellbeing, maintaining productivity in their workplace with employer policies accredited by Endometriosis Australia. Please promote this to your employers you’re your enterprise and through your networks.

In August, we also launch our Endo Gender Pay Gap campaign, adjacent to WGEA’s Equal Pay Day; and in September, our Endometriosis Australia Health campaign is running in parallel with Jean Hailes’ Women’s Health Week. We are delighted to share a close relationship with them and an office in Melbourne.

We have enjoyed collaborating with Chronic Pain Australia for National Pain Week last week, to raise awareness for chronic pain conditions. I thank Endometriosis Australia Ambassador Holly Crawford for her contributions to this year’s campaign through the latest Living with Endo podcast with fellow Ambassador Ellie Angel Mobbs.

In other news, Endometriosis Australia’s Brisbane High Tea was a HUGE success. I was elated to meet many brilliant endo community members from all corners of Queensland and beyond. We were humbled to host Premier Hon Annastacia Palaszczuk, who shared her personal journey with endometriosis, along with our Ambassadors, Olympic champion and expectant Mum Emily Seebohm OAM, Balveen Ajimal, Ellie Angel Mobbs, Mel Greig and new Ambassador Kylie Brown, and Endo Champion Laura Furiosi. A massive thank you to our exceptional Queensland Volunteer Coordinator, Anna Thomas, and the brilliant volunteers who assisted with the event.

On the advocacy front, we appreciate the ‘open door’ of ’Minister for Endo’, Assistant Minister for Health Ged Kearney and Minister for Health Mark Butler and keep them up to date on endometriosis community issues and concerns. I was pleased to be invited to take part in a roundtable on Improving Alignment and Coordination between the Medical Research Future Fund and NHMRC’s Medical Research Endowment Account and made a submission on your behalf.

To support the 1 in 9 girls, women and AFAB living with endometriosis, Endometriosis Australia continues to build strong relationships for our community with clinicians; those in medical research, allied health, and complementary medicine sectors; and among peak industry bodies, unions and with workplaces.

We also raise awareness of endometriosis and the challenges of those living this this painful, chronic disease with a strong presence in the Australian media and are appreciative of the time of journalists and publications who report on our incredible community. You have a role to play in improving community understanding– we can help you raise endometriosis in your local media, radio, print and socials – reach out for guidance.

Until 31 August, Endometriosis Australia’s Research Grant is open for applications, and we are grateful to the Eden Foundation for its gift of philanthropy. Individuals and organisations are eligible to submit an application for seed funding or general project funding that address medical, surgical and allied health aspects of endometriosis care; basic sciences associated with endometriosis; and patient-centred educational support or tools.

Maree Davenport
CEO Endometriosis Australia


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