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Donna’s Diaries: Be Fearless!
17 Jul, 2014 | 2 mins read |
Donna’s Diaries: Be Fearless!

This is a little note to inspire you to keep fighting.

I had the privilege to run this morning (yes very early 5:40am) with the first bibbed woman to ever run the Boston Marathon.

She is now 67 and still running marathons. Her name is Katherine Switzer and she never gave up.

Quoted from, Jo Davidson (Coogee Cougars Running Group who organised the run).

She is proof that a lifetime of running (including 39 marathons) is damn good for you. Having been born in 1947 (you do the math) she looks sensational, and is still running, sensationally.

She won the New York Marathon in 1974.

Her quickest marathon time is 2:51:37 and that is just the stuff we mere mortals dream of (4min 03sec per kilometre punters, amazing).

In the face of outstanding athletic achievement, lifetime dedication to the cause of women’s equality, pioneering changes for good, and as an advocate for women around the world who need someone to champion for them, she is a giant amongst women.

She’s written a book, Marathon Woman.

She is fearless and she encourages us to be that. 261 is her first bib running number and she has a group “Fearless 261”.

“Iconic athlete, sports and social advocate, author, and Emmy award-winning television commentator, Kathrine Switzer was the first woman to officially enter and run the Boston Marathon. She has been honoured widely for her achievements, most recently being inducted into the USA National Women’s Hall of Fame for creating positive social change. The ramifications of this work is both joyful and profound, changing forever the face of sports, health, and opportunities for women around the world and fearlessly empowering millions beyond the finish line.”

I forwarded my husband the email confirming the run and I said I’d be running (yes, I’m not very good at running) a long way behind in the shadow of her glory. This was his response.


She is great because she can and does do it.

You are greater because despite all the challenges you still strive to do it.

Enjoy her company; but also celebrate your own achievements.



It’s this fearless nature that sparked us setting up Endometriosis Australia. What is your something that is fearless? It can be something great or small, every story shared is helping another woman to be fearless!

Please share your thoughts and stories in the comments section on our blog and Facebook to inspire women to not give up.

Remember you are all great and you can still strive to achieve your goals.






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