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Top 5 tips for preparing for your endometriosis laparoscopy
2 Feb, 2023 | 3 mins read |
Top 5 tips for preparing for your endometriosis laparoscopy

Are you heading to the hospital for laparoscopic surgery soon? You’ve probably been googling the “L” word a lot, starting to overthink it and worry about what’s going to happen. It’s natural to be worried, but by focusing on getting organised and becoming properly informed, you’ll be empowered to go into your laparoscopy knowing what will happen and how you will move forward from it. Here are our top 5 tips on preparing for your endometriosis laparoscopy.

Follow medical instructions

Your doctor will have provided some information about your laparoscopy, what to expect and any steps you need to take before you arrive at the hospital. You may be required to fast, or perhaps bowel prep by taking an enema ahead of your surgery. Make sure you have sourced any medication or supplies you may need for this ahead of time, and pop reminders in your calendar.

Write down any other concerns or questions you may have that you need to clarify with your doctor or their office staff ahead of your surgery date. There are no silly questions when it comes to your health and wellbeing, so make sure you are fully informed and clear on what’s going to happen.

Let school, childcare, and work know

Your doctor will advise on how long you should take to recover from your surgery. It could be a couple of weeks, or even more, depending on the complexity of your surgery and how you’re tracking with your recovery.

Talking to your employer, manager, or teacher ahead of time ensures they can plan for your absence, and you can take leave entitlements.

If you have kids (furry or human) make appropriate childcare arrangements ahead of time, or line up some trusted relatives or friends to do the school run, or the afternoon dog walk.

Making plans ahead of time will ensure you’ll worry less about missing work, have the peace of mind that your kids are ok, and give you time to focus on getting back to your best.

Pack an overnight bag

Your doctor may have advised that you’re only in for day surgery, but often they will want to monitor you post-op for a little longer, and you’ll have to stay overnight. It’s important to remember that everyone’s surgery experience is different, and it’s good to prepare for any scenario.

Organise a bag filled with the essential items you may need for your stay. Not sure what to pack? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our guide on what to take to hospital here.

Plan your post-op space

Prepare a nice spot at home where you’ll recover in. It could be your bed, or perhaps on the living room couch that has nice natural light. Make sure you have fresh sheets, and comfy pillows. Sort a spot where you can easily grab an extra blanket, the tv remote or a cup of your go-to herbal tea.

Have you considered having an endo buddy? It could be your mum or dad, a trusted friend, or your partner. They will be most likely wanting to help you regardless, so lean on them to help prepare your space.

They could also drive you to and from hospital, be the reassuring face when you wake up from surgery, and run any errands, such as picking up any medication you may be prescribed.

Endo buddies are great for making dinner, feeding pets, helping you to the bathroom or getting your pesky compression stockings on and off. Most importantly, they’re great at providing essential cuddles.

Practice self-care

Navigating doctor’s appointments whilst dealing with endo pain and thinking about your laparoscopy can be a lot. It’s important that you look after yourself – your health and wellbeing should be a priority as your surgery date gets closer.

A day or two before your surgery, do something nice for yourself. Treat yourself to a pamper session. Or have a hot chocolate at that café that does them with the extra marshmallows. Take a relaxing bath or shower with those special toiletries your friend gave you last Christmas. Have a cuddle with your partner (human or furry) and watch some trashy tv shows.

On the day of your laparoscopy, go for a short walk, get some sunshine, and make sure you keep up your fluids until it’s time to start prepping for surgery. The more relaxed and focused on yourself you are, the easier your trip to the hospital will be.

Whilst you’re here, why not check out our Top 5 tips for your post-op recovery.

Written by,
Celia Drummond


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