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Naomi is a corporate receptionist living in NSW. She is married with one son.  

Now in her early fifties, Naomi has been dealing with endometriosis for a long time, most likely since her first painful period at age thirteen. Naomi has been involved with Endometriosis Australia since not long after its inception, initially helping out with the Endometriosis Australia Closed Facebook Discussion Group and since then at functions and fundraisers. From administrating support groups on Facebook to MCing the Endo High Tea in Newcastle in 2017, Naomi is passionate about education and awareness for endometriosis.    

Over the years, Naomi has been involved in many things to help the fight, including the Queensland University Study for Endometriosis in the 1990’s which is still researching endometriosis and the genetic links.   

In March 2014 Naomi felt frustrated by a lack of media awareness about Endometriosis Awareness Month, and as such, sent an email to multiple news and media outlets, which resulted in an article that discussed her journey with endometriosis, and was published in the Newcastle Herald.  

On her journey and experiences with endometriosis, Naomi has said “I will never stop fighting for better treatment, better care and better awareness about this horrendous disease that robs so many of their health and in many cases their families and their careers. The amount of money that endo costs Australian businesses is huge but it is still brushed off as womens’ issues and this is unacceptable. With Endometriosis Australia I can have a voice and help others to as well”.