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Our Partners

Layers of Francesca bracelet 2023 Edition.

Francesca Bracelets

Surprise your EndoWarrior or spoil yourself with this beautiful piece of jewellery, and know each time you wear it you’re continuing to improve the lives of EndoWarriors across Australia.

The 2024 design features a yellow opal charm, which is the stone of hope. It’s available in sterling silver, 14k rose gold, or gold.

Layers of Francesca bracelet 2023 Edition.


Tired of discomfort during your time of the month? Kuddle up with Kosi!

Kosi is a 360 degree, hands-free heat pack that wraps around your torso for
complete heating and relief. The only heat pack you will need each month so
you can get on with your day! We’ve got your back (and belly!).

JNINE & CO Products for Endometriosis Patients

Jnine & Co

This company is on a mission to get quality period toolkits into all workplaces, normalising menstruation and giving women at work more comfort and care.

Founded by Janine Coppeller who lives with endometriosis, Jnine & Co aims to support people who period and stop the suffering in silence.

People doing Leg Excercise therapy

Treloar Roses

A fragrance that is simply divine. This gorgeous, Hybrid Tea rose is named for
Endometriosis Australia, with $2 from the sale of each rose helping to fund
research, education and awareness. In Winter Rose plants are delivered
bare-root, Australia wide from May to August.

People doing Leg Excercise therapy


Layercake is proud to provide pioneering digital services to Endometriosis Australia.
Layercake applies the power of digital strategy, cloud agnostic technologies, data
and digital engineering to deliver meaningful outcomes for our clients. Are you
ready to unlock the transformational power of digital technology for your
business? Or just looking for more information? Our team is standing by and would
love to hear from you.