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Dr Jane Chalmers (PhD, B.Physio) is a Senior Lecturer in Pain Sciences at the University of South Australia. She is the leader of the pelvic pain theme under the Innovation, Implementation And Clinical Translation in Health (IIMPACT) research concentration at the University of South Australia.

Tamara Wrigley


Media personality Tamara Wrigley is a successful award-winning businesswoman. A fashionista, TV presenter, former magazine editor and property mogul, Tamara can be found in her real estate office or renovating homes and commercial buildings. Tam purchased her first property at the age of 21 and with continuous hard work she now has an empire of 30+ properties to her name. Like one in 9 Australian EndoWarriors who have tried to find ways of coping with their debilitating monthly pains, she took painkillers for years to cope. With the pain so bad, she had prescription painkillers – the ones that would wipe her out for three days. She was bedridden, a walking zombie and it affected her mental wellbeing. It was crippling physically, but also emotionally.  

She didn’t realise her pain even had a name until she changed doctors at age 33 and visited a friend’s endometriosis excision specialist on her recommendation. After six years of pain, this was the first doctor that did a deep dive into her reproductive system and the first doctor to recommend doing a CT scan to get a better look at what was going on. She underwent surgery, which found that the endometriosis had attached itself to major organs. It spread through her bowels, appendix, fallopian tubes, ovaries, and more.  

“The lesson and moral to my journey is to make yourself a priority and get things checked out immediately. Listen to your body and always get multiple opinions if you aren’t happy with the one you received – I wished I’d insisted on a few things much earlier. And don’t procrastinate in making decisions when it comes to your health, take it from me, I’m living proof.”