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Dr Jane Chalmers (PhD, B.Physio) is a Senior Lecturer in Pain Sciences at the University of South Australia. She is the leader of the pelvic pain theme under the Innovation, Implementation And Clinical Translation in Health (IIMPACT) research concentration at the University of South Australia.

Laura Furiosi


Laura Furiosi is an EndoWarrior and passionate advocate dedicated to raising awareness and support for endometriosis research.

As someone personally affected by endometriosis, Laura understands the challenges and impact the condition can have on one’s life. Her own journey as an EndoWarrior has fuelled her determination to make a difference, not only for herself but for countless others facing the same battle and potentially her daughters in the future.

Laura is a passionate advocate for women’s empowerment in all aspects of life. She is the co-host of the global chart hitting podcast “The Divorce Course Podcast”. By sharing insights and valuable information, the podcast strives to create a supportive community for individuals going through divorce. Laura is also a business consultant and guest speaker known on social media as Bossy Mummy. All of her platforms are used to educate and empower women. 

Laura is committed to breaking barriers, inspiring women in business, and creating a world where daughters can achieve their dreams without limitations.