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Endometriosis: a hidden and painful plague
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Endometriosis: a hidden and painful plague

Endometriosis affects 10 per cent of women around the world, but it’s rarely spoken about. Many women live with painful symptoms of the condition for years without understanding the cause or receiving a diagnosis.

From normalising period pain to exploring invasive screening tools and surgery, former Insight host Jenny Brockie examines exactly what endometriosis is, and why it has taken so long for so many women to receive medical attention.

We speak to Shadae, who has severe stage 4 endometriosis and is worried it will impact her career; Sylvia, whose delayed diagnosis caused it to spread to her other organs; Sarah, who was told by her boss to “increase her pain threshold”; and Kate, who says endo impacts her relationship and sex life.

This episode was filmed in 2018.


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