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Creative Arts Ambassador – Fiona Stevens
16 Nov, 2014 | 4 mins read |
Creative Arts Ambassador – Fiona Stevens

By Fiona Stevens

I am genuinely thrilled to be invited as Creative Arts Ambassador to Endometriosis Australia and I appreciate the consideration, because it means a great deal to me. Currently, I am a poet and partner at PEP Whole Person Learning and have been penning poetry since I was a young girl and use it as a communication tool to express thoughts and concepts. As an extra factor, I am extremely interested in the art of poetry writing for healing and well-being. Sadly, I am also an Endometriosis sufferer who understands this global women’s health issue and its physical, psychological and economic impact which is significant. I have been quietly scribbling endometriosis poetry for at least sixteen years and in the process shaped an extensive endometriosis catalogue – which I refer to as my ‘journal of discovery and meaning’.

Additionally, as fate would have it and the southern stars twinkled, I was considered as a Content Creator for a global endometriosis project (Project Endo) and a selection of my poetry was published for this wonderful worldwide campaign – for which I am grateful. My involvement with this social enterprise added a new dimension and I realised that this Gordian condition was not entirely centred on pain, but rather, the tangled problems stretched further than I ever supposed. The sabre toothed enemy seemed to dig and coil its sharp claws around additional areas causing not only physical, but emotional, sexual, fertility considerations and economic hurdles. This concerned me the most and motivated me to contribute my artistry to crank the awareness gears up a notch and ring my bell of support for a painful and underrepresented worldwide women’s health issue.

Like many of you, I weathered more than a decade of swollen, painful uncertainty and I nursed moments where I had to bend to dodge life’s curves. However, I was extremely fortunate to have finally located my wishing well – advanced endometriosis excisional surgeons (right here in Sydney) whose philosophy regarding endometriosis, experience (consistently achieving good outcomes for their patients), influence, commitment, interest, expertise, pin-point accurate identification and dexterous hands were – golden! I believe this was – critical and the answer to my positive long term pain relief. If I had chosen a different surgeon, my flask of life would surely be full of – pain and doubt. It is with deep regret that most endometriosis sufferers around the globe – do not G E T the same chance. I recently listened to an opera singer perform “I Dreamed a dream” from Les Miserables and although the words were beautiful, they disturbed me …”but the tigers come at night, with their voices soft as thunder, as they tear your hope apart, as they turn your dreams to shame”… I remember this pain – and its sweaty sting and I thought of all the women around the world submerged in floods of displaced endometrial misery. Likewise, I dreamed my dream and the endometriosis ‘tiger’ of destruction attempted to claw and steal it – too, but fortunately the joy thieving, cunning apex predator was outperformed by an outstanding advanced endometriosis excisional surgeon and consequently, my health was restored, “Men who are occupied in the restoration of health to other men by the joint exertion of skill and humanity are above all the great of the earth…since to preserve and renew is almost as noble as to create”, Voltaire 1694-1778 (French enlightenment writer, historian and philosopher) Even though my surgery was more than sixteen years ago, I am still interested in chasing endometriosis news and I truly believe that the seeds of change are harvesting world-wide conversation and endeavouring to line the mainstream community with knowledge – it is a slow process and there is more to be done! I sincerely admire the work of endometriosis research scientists and generous champions around the globe (many sufferers/volunteers/celebrities and a very knowledgeable, dedicated RN patient advocate, making a difference to action improvements. There are wonderful orgs, foundations, centres, social media campaigns and a wise co-operative of global, experienced, committed, understanding, advanced excisional surgeons dotted around the world (mainly in city centres) who have dedicated their entire working lives to treating women with this condition and fortunately seem to have a deep interest in endometriosis research initiatives and moreover providing elite endometriosis surgical training workshops to future surgeons, because they – care. I truly believe that the global endometriosis community is doing a fine job in depositing top shelf awareness, concern and support! This thirst for better treatment possibilities, education, highly experienced and accomplished endometriosis excisional surgeons and research = equals = a great weapon. At the most basic level, women are still suffering – daily, and it is my wish that all women G E T the opportunity to live a life that is pain free, functional and wonderful! Ordinary outcomes are just ordinary and women living with this Gordian condition desire change – now!


Mirror, looking glass – preserve her heart

Where the cracks of darkness hold no power

Sing her a song – of spring

So she can feel – no pain

And Wake her – reflective light

When she is weary, to hope –

And happiness – until her eyes close


Windy winter night

A broken wooden plank – falls

To fuel this fierce fire


Floe wreckage won’t ruin her

Nor define

She will G E T her life back –

One (1) Won – cut at a time

Her weeping heart, shall ache

From this ‘icy’, polar quake

But try –

You won’t – ruin her!

– Fiona Stevens, Poet, Sydney, Endometriosis Sufferer/Awareness Supporter


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