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Endo Ambassadors
Dr Jane Chalmers (PhD, B.Physio) is a Senior Lecturer in Pain Sciences at the University of South Australia. She is the leader of the pelvic pain theme under the Innovation, Implementation And Clinical Translation in Health (IIMPACT) research concentration at the University of South Australia.

Erin Barnett


Erin Barnett’s journey with endometriosis first started at the young age of thirteen, when doctors discovered a 3 kg cyst on her ovary. Erin was told the story that “period pain is normal”, and after years of suffering with “invisible” pain so bad that she would almost pass out, she was only finally diagnosed with endometriosis three years ago, when she was twenty two.  

During her young life, Erin has had a total of sixteen surgeries, and in 2019 she had her left ovary removed. That same year she appeared on Channel 10’s hit show ‘I’m a celebrity get me out of here’ where she chose Endometriosis Australia as her chosen charity to raise funds for endometriosis awareness, education, and research.  

Erin believes that knowledge is power, and her goal is to educate as many people as she can about endometriosis. She uses her platform to passionately advocate the importance of education and awareness of endometriosis. Erin encourages people with endometriosis to advocate for themselves, to speak up, and to learn everything they can from research and to take control of their healthcare.