JNINE & CO Products for Endometriosis Patients

Have you ever suffered in silence, struggling with your endo and period symptoms at work? If so, you’re not alone.

Endometriosis can be particularly crippling for people at work, where support, awareness and access to the items which bring comfort and care are often missing, and too often we’re forced to carry on with a brave face, and counting down the minutes until we can get home.

In recognition of this, we’ve partnered with Jnine & Co, a purpose-led organisation that provides businesses with period toolkits containing menstrual health and self-care products, designed to make it easier for workplaces to support their people who period.

Founded by Janine Coppeller, who has lived with endometriosis for 25 years, Jnine & Co is all about providing essential items to help women feel well and period well at work, while also removing the stigma about getting your period in the workplace.

“I founded Jnine & Co to help people who period and endometriosis sufferers to carry on with their lives and jobs, so they don’t miss out on work, a promotion, or pay. Because suffering from symptoms shouldn’t mean missing out,” says Janine.

“I know what it’s like to live with endometriosis and to suffer from a flare-up while at work. It feels like you have to hide your pain, and miss out on being part of so much. I wish I’d had these kinds of products and support when I was an employee.”

Janine’s also on a mission to educate workplaces about what it’s like to live with endometriosis, so that businesses can be more compassionate and understanding.

​Jnine & Co’s period toolkits for the workplace include period and endometriosis pain management products like heat packs and herbal teas, and the very best in organic sustainable period care products that take care of both you and mother earth. Offering subscription boxes and options to tailor-make a period toolkit ideal for you or your employees, Jnine & Co gives you choice and ease when it comes to self-care and period products and inspiration.

With a background in HR and recruitment, Janine’s seen and experienced firsthand the experience of endometriosis and period shame, and believes wholeheartedly that it’s time for us to stop suffering in silence.

Jnine & Co can supply a wide range of industries, including:
Building & Construction